Von Herder is an inventor for MI6 specializing in firearms also known as "Q".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Herder is an adult man from Germany with a light colored hair, who is always blindfolded.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sebastian Moran and Moneypenny receive a mission and visit Herder, who asks Sebastian about the rifle he had made for him. Sebastian explains he broke it as he had to rapidly shoot with it to make a man dance. That only annoys Herder as he had told him to not shoot rapidly with it as it wasn't designed for that. They show him a Russian rifle and upon inspecting it, Herder questions them if they are sure its Russian made. He reveals the screws are same as the ones used in British riffles, while Russians use different. The rifle stock is also made from British walnut wood and not birch like the Russia, and even the grease and the seal is slightly different. Because of that he states the rifle was made in Britain and is a copy of a Russian rifle. Sebastian realizes that some British upper class has reasons to keep the war as weapons, supply and medicine can turn good profits. Herder then further inspects the weapon and knowing each weapon maker in the country and inspecting the barrel, he manages to pinpoint the exact factory that produced it.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Herder is based off of Van Herder who was referenced as the "blind German mechanic" who built Moran's air-rifle in "The Adventure of the Empty House" as well as Q from the James Bond films and film-novelizations.

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