Sherlock Holmes (シャーロック・ホームズ, Shārokku Hōmuzu) is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot. He is the arch-nemesis of Moriarty. He is a Consulting Detective.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Sherlock is a very intelligent person, a cheerful person most of the time. According to Watson, Holmes is an eccentric person, with no regard for societal norms in terms of arrangement and organization. What others seem to be messy or worthless, he sees is a wealth of useful information. Holmes is barbaric with his actions, dealings, and even his personal life. Holmes smokes a lot, "unlike the original story of smoking a pipe." He is also addicted to drugs, Holmes used to use drugs from time to time, especially when there were no issues on his mind and exhausted his powers in solving them. Watson did not approve of his drug use. As a physician, he always objected to Holmes being a heavy smoker.

Sometimes Holmes breaks laws in order to solve a case, such as lying to the police, hiding evidence, or breaking into private homes and properties. As shown in Arc Study in Scarlet, Holmes took the wedding ring found at the crime scene without the attention of the police, describing himself to Watson afterwards as having the talent to be a thief. He is also good at handling locks and closed doors.

Holmes has overconfidence and a murderous arrogance that sometimes reaches the limits of arrogance, and if this is justified, he always sees with his own eyes the police investigators standing helpless in front of his amazing conclusions, and yet he was not looking for fame, as he usually allowed the police to have all Appreciation and praise even if the case was resolved thanks to his findings.

Most of those who deal with him always describe him as rude in his behavior, just as Miss Hudson described him as a clumsy child, but despite this, Watson said that Holmes was kind-hearted.

Holmes' feelings and actions can be described as cold and hard, and his heart is so tough that despite being in the midst of an adventure and dangers surrounding him, he could shine with a number of emotional notes that did not fit the difficult situation. Holmes is also talented in showcasing, and he also has a strong presence, and he is distinguished in preparing traps through which he can catch the culprit in the act of flagrante delicto, and he often does so in a certain way that dazzles Watson, or one of Scotland Yard inspectors.

Holmes has an aversion to women, but he cares about them in a special way. "I am not a fan of female sex," says Holmes, but he wanted to save Irene Adler from Moriarty even though he admired her only for her intelligence and her cunning.

Biography[edit | edit source]

On Noahtic, Sherlock impresses a group of women as he guesses correctly the jobs of various people. The women see William James Moriarty and ask Sherlock to guess his job and Sherlock makes a correct guess he is mathematician as he was staring at the spiral staircase. William decides to do the same and starts making correct guesses of things Sherlock knows and does, impressing Sherlock.

When Blitz Enders murders a person on the theatrics stage and runs away, Sherlock inspects the body and realizes the man had been dead for 10-15 hours. Leaving Noahtic, Sherlock speaks with William and reveals that the man was already dead and if Blitz was led to believe he is still alive, there must be a third party involved.

Having trouble paying his rent, Sherlock decides to get a flatmate, but all of the people he brings are declined by Miss Hudson, his landlord. Eventually, John H Watson candidates for a flatmate and both Sherlock and Hudson ends up liking him for both his personality and skills. However, Sherlock is then arrested in suspicions of murder. Since he often worked with the police, they bring him to the crime scene, where Sherlock sees his name written in bloody letters by the victim. As he inspects the crime scene, he states that the murderer had written the name as the letters are too thick to be written by the victim's fingers.

Sherlock manages to convince Lestrade to release him and he will prove his innocence. He eventually conducts that the killer is their current carriage driver as his wife disappeared after meeting with the victim and that the victim had several lawsuits for molesting women. However, he believes someone helped the driver and made his magnificent plan for him. The driver, Jefferson, confirms it and offers a deal to Sherlock: since he is sick and is about to die soon, he wants Sherlock to shoot and kill him and in return he will receive the name of his benefactor, who is genius and admires Sherlock. Sherlock ends up not accepting the offer and brings Jefferson to the police and proves his innocence.

At some point Sherlock faced off with Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, with the crime consultant referring to Sherlock as a demon.

Holmes caught Moriarty at the final moment when he was preparing to jump to his death from the bridge they faced off on, thus showing that he felt affectionate towards him. In the end, when The Lord of Crime let go of his hand, Sherlock jumped after him, declaring that "let the both of them survive this and see the upcoming world with their own eyes". They fell into the void while holding each other: leaving their fate unknown.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Sherlock Holmes is based off the main character (of the same name) of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

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