Colonel Sebastian Moran (セバスチャン・モラン, Sebasuchan Moran) is one of Moriarty's affiliates. A skilled assassin, he promises to do anything he must in order to protect Moriarty, and is willing to even sacrifice himself if it need be.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sebastian is a very tall young man, standing at 6.5 feet tall (198 cm). He has narrow, all-black eyes, and black hair that's styled in a distinguishable fringe that just about covers part of his right eye.

His clothing consists of a grey dress shirt underneath a long, midnight blue blazer, trousers of the same colour, suspenders, a single white glove on his left hand, and blue boots coloured brown at the collar. Additionally, his blazer lapels (along with the inside of the blazer) are coloured white, the collar being considerably long.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sebastian is an especially skilled sniper who is, due to his appearance and serious personality, quite popular among women. After deciding to become one of William's associates, he ends up being one of the most devoted towards him, determined to complete any task he is given. Despite his downbeat appearance, he's quite the credulous character, and believes strongly in William's dream to achieve equal rights in Britain.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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During the incident with Lucien, Moriarty calls for Moran. He wonders when William will be starting his plan, but William explains that there was still time before the plan would be set into motion. Following William's orders, Sebastian wins some money and spends the night with a woman nearby the planned event place. As soon as Dudley arrives on the spot, William reveals everything, and skilled with a silent rifle, Sebastian causes Dudley to 'dance' while avoiding his bullets, causing them to fall into the river to meet a death similar to his victim.

Listening to William's plan on how they'd be creating crime in London and would be dealing with aristocrats, Sebastian remains close to William, and agrees to helping him carry out his plan on making the country a better place.

Mycroft Holmes assigns MI6 an important mission, and Albert James Moriarty calls for Sebastian. Reports had been sent in that an agent had been killed in India, but before this he had sent a Russian rifle, making them believe Russia was receiving weapon supplies from there. Sebastian wonders if Albert can freely talk about it in front of Moneypenny, but Albert reveals that she would be accompanying him as he was still not a member of MI6, and Moneypenny was a former secret service agent. They take the rifle to Von Herder, who asks Sebastian what happened to the rifle he had made for him. Sebastian reveals he had broke it and used it for rapid fire to make a man dance. Herder becomes agitated as he specifically told him to not use it for rapid fire. When Herder inspects the Russian rifle, he states that the screws, grease and wood were all British, making them realise that a British person in the high rank had interest in keeping the war going. Inspecting it further, he was even able to find out which factory had made it. Before leaving, Sebastian sees a gun and takes a liking to it, before asking Moneypenny if she could arrange for them to take it.

Sebastian and Moneypenny visit the appointed factory, which was supposed to be closed years ago. They infiltrate it and manage to find documents, making Sebastian realise that the one controlling and fuelling the war was the Viceroy of India. When they're found out, they blow up the factory and report to William, who then asks them to head to India and deal with the Viceroy. Hearing that a platoon was recently decimated, Sebastian finds that in the past his squad was also sent to death by the Viceroy in order to keep the war going. They disguise themselves and visit an event with the Viceroy, where Moneypenny spills wine on the Viceroy and Sebastian, who then leave the room to change clothes. There Sebastian reveals who he is, but the Viceroy had already anticipated that someone would come for him, as he had heard that his factory was destroyed. Daryl, a former comrade of Sebastian, shows up, holding Moneypenny as hostage. They explain their plan of how sacrificing some would lead to saving the country, and that there was a bomb that would kill all current guests. Sebastian approves of their actions and further shoots Moneypenny. However, as they leave, he points his gun at Daryl, stating that he should have died with the rest of his comrades. He then gives him the gun and asks Daryl to kill himself - and refusing, he shoots Sebastian. To his surprise, Sebastian stands up, explaining that the gun had a special rotating barrel, which had two sides - paint bullets, or real bullets. Since the moment they had joined the event, the gun had been using the side loaded with paint bullets, meaning that Moneypenny was still alive, who had meanwhile been escorting the guests outside. Later on, Sebastian is officially accepted as agent Number 6 of MI6.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Sebastian Moran is based off the character (of the same name) of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

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