Moneypenny is one of Moriarty's affiliates, as well as Albert James Moriaty's secretary.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Moneypenny is an adult woman with a black bob cut hair. She also wears glasses.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After Mycroft Holmes and Albert James Moriarty form MI6, Moneypenny swears loyalty to Moriarty and starts working in the MI6 as Albert's secretary. One day Mycroft gives them a mission to investigate the death of an British agent in India, who manages to send an Russian rifle back before his death. They believe the weapons are manufactured there and need to stop the weapon supply to Russia. As the agent was a friend of Moneypenny, she wants to join the mission and although Sebastian Moran is against it at first, he agrees as Albert explains Sebastian isn't an yet officially an agent for MI6 and Moneypenny is former secret service agent.

Sebastian and Moneypenny then head to Von Herder, where Moneypenny reveals that this is the most advanced workshop in Britain and everything is confidential and everything Herder makes is her responsibility. Inspecting the weapon, Herder states it was made in Britain as the screws, grease and wood are British. They realize that the agent was killed by British people and someone has interest in keeping the war going. Investigating deeper, Herder pinpoints at which factory the weapon was made. Before leaving, Sebastian sees and likes a new type of gun and asks Moneypenny to fill the paperwork for him to take it.

They head out to the factory and see it operating even though it should have been closed years ago. They infiltrate it and find many weapons produced there and documents leading to the Viceroy of India. As they got found out, they manage to escape and blow up the factory. Reporting to Moriarty, he assigns them a mission to head to India and deal with the Viceroy. On their way there, Moneypenny read a letter from Moriarty, who explains Sebastian's past and how the Viceroy send his platoon to death, likely to keep the war going. Arriving in India, they disguise themselves and visit a party with the Viceroy. Moneypenny then spills wine on Sebastian and the Viceroy, making them to go and change clothes. Sebastian gets the chance to kill the Viceroy, but he was expecting someone to come for him after the factory was destroyed and had Daryl, a former comrade of Sebastian capture Moneypenny. Daryl seemingly manages to convince Sebastian to join them and Sebastian then shoots Moneypenny in the head with his new gun. However, the gun is special and rotating the barrel loads paint bullets or real bullets. Moneypenny then escapes and saves the guests, who were supposed to die in an explosion following Daryl and Viceroy's plan.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Moneypenny is based off a character (by the same name) from the James Bond novels.

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