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Lucien Atwood (ルシアン・アトウッド Rushian Atowuddo) is a young man hailing from a noble family, and is the son of a Viscount.

He studies at the University of Durham. He fell in love with a dancer Frida Macaulay, and the tale of their romance ended in tragedy.


He is born as Viscount Atwood's first son. His family has 200 years (two centuries) of noble lineage originating from Scotland.


Lucien is a young man with short brown hair.


Lucien fell in love with Frida, and even though their social status was different, he still intended to marry her, even more after he learned she was pregnant.


Lucien is a student studying in the University of Durham in William's class.

Meeting Frida & Reported Missing[]

At some time, he genuinely fell love with a girl named Frida, who worked at the Criterion Bar and wished to marry her. He even proposed to her first. She accepted it, and even became pregnant with his child. The two were happy together for a while.

However, he stopped appearing at the bar and meeting Frida after a while. To her, it seemed like he just "threw her away". In actuality, he went missing. His friend Tate, informs William that Lucien has been missing for a couple of days and Moriarty decides to investigate. It is later revealed that Dudley persuaded him to take opium to prevent him from going back to the bar and kept him drugged in a room.

Bridge Encounter[]

Fred Porlock managed to track him down. The former found him not in a hospital, but in an opium den. He was still under the effects of opium, and was sleeping. Fred later brought him to the bridge where Frida committed suicide. He woke up feeling disoriented, covered by a blanket left by the former. As he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar place and was last trying to meet Frida, he immediately tried to search for her.

However, before he could take action, Dudley comes running frantically towards him. The reason being that a letter and telegram were supposedly addressed from him to Dudley. Lucien reads out the document describing Dudley's heinous deeds. The latter accused him of playing dumb and being ungrateful.

He later watched in shock as "Frida" walks out of the river. He then learnt the cruel truth from the panicking Dudley who outright confessed to his crime towards Frida. He was further horrified when Dudley went on a mad rant about Frida and him, and the difference in the world between nobility and commoners. He then watched as Dudley fell to his death orchestrated by Moriarty and Moran.

Later Lucien is seen at Frida's grave bringing flowers and paying his respects. Through Moriarty's commentary it is revealed that Lucien is the one who paid for an elaborate gravestone for Frida, as previously her remains were laid to rest in a nearby farmers plot as her coworkers didn't have enough money to buy her a proper grave.


Frida Macaulay[]

He genuinely fell in love with Frida, and felt happy with her despite the differences in their statues. He was devastated after he learnt about her death.




  • In his student profile at the University, his address is listed as Downe House, Barrhead Road, Durham, DURHAM DH1 7GP.[1]


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