Louis James Moriarty (ルイス・ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Ruisu Jēmuzu Moriāti), originally just Louis, is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot.

The character is based on the less known younger brother of Professor James Moriarty, who was referenced twice in the Doyle canon. Since the manga uses the two brother theory due to Doyle retconning the brother's profession, he's likely based on the incarnation in The Valley of Fear who Holmes referred to as being a 'station master'.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Anime design

Louis once lived in an orphanage with his brother, and suffered from an unknown disease. He eventually met the eldest Moriarty child Albert Moriarty, who would often visit the orphanage to help the children. After Albert found out about Louis' brother's goal to make everyone in Britain equal, he promised him all of his power and had his father adopt him and Louis, using Louis' illness as a way of forcing the duke to adopt them.

Louis has a scar on his cheek of which he inflicted on himself when he and the other two Moriarty brothers burned down the mansion and killed the entire Moriarty family, and their staff, in order to make their survival seem more realistic. He holds a strong devotion towards his older brothers. Among the 3 brothers, he bears the least emotion - he didn’t flinch despite being so young when he once killed someone as a child. Similar to his eldest brother, he is also skilled in fighting, and manages the Moriarty estate. As of the current manga chapters, his plan was to dispose of Sherlock Holmes once he was no longer of use or when his brother William got bored of him

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Louis is a light-skinned, slim individual with darkened, scarlet eyes and black glasses . A burn mark remains on his right cheek, which he inflicted on himself at a young age. His blonde hair is of average length, and is styled in a long side-fringe.

He dons a navy/royal blue tuxedo, a bow tie of the same colour and light brown loafers, and carries a golden pocket watch.

Young Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a child, Louis wore a white dress shirt with suspenders underneath a dark grey jacket, dark-olive trousers, and a blue cloth tied around his neck in an artistic fashion. Even when Albert's family took him in, he wasn't issued any new clothing, as the family of nobles looked down on him for being so poorly.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Louis is extremely devoted to his older brother, even when committing acts of crime. He is able to do anything Moriarty asks him to do, even if he feels that he cannot.

When he was a child, he was weaker due to his heath condition. He let it go, and obeyed his adoptive mother. But growing up, he asserted himself, going so far as to confess to his brother his feeling of being excluded and his will to take part in errands. He is quite loyal to his brothers - especially William. William is protective of his younger brother Louis, and wants to keep him out of his schemes to protect Louis's innocence. However, once Louis convinces him that he prefers to be useful rather than protected, he shows that he's actually more ruthless than some of William's other henchmen.

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