James Bond, previously known as Irene Adler, is an affiliate of Moriarty's. He is a former prima donna born in New Jersey, America, in 1858. After faking his death as Irene, he joined MI6 as "James Bond" and continues to live as a man.

Note: Because the Japanese language does not rely heavily on gender pronouns (he/she/they), we have chosen to use he/his to respect James' wish to be referred to as a man and be treated as such when in the James Bond role in the most current updates in the manga.

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Irene is an adult with a long blond hair and a mole under his right eye.

When given the role of "James Bond", he cut his hair short.

As James, he is often depicted wearing 8cm shoes to appear taller[1].


While James was still Irene, he was quite disappointed to learn that no matter how talented you are, social contacts with nobles are far more important. After he left being a prima donna, his successor was never recognized despite their efforts which drove her to suicide. Due to that, Bond used the weapons he had as a woman at the time to manipulate and blackmail nobles to make them support other talented people. Since then, he was able to help many people including musicians who didn't have access to education, students denied universities due to social status, and many more. He wanted to change the world and reward talented people who wouldn't be able to prosper otherwise.

James is also quite smart and a talented actor as he managed to fool Sherlock Holmes. When he got in bigger trouble, he made a plan involving Sherlock that will give him temporary safety.

When Irene's death is faked, Irene gets the chance to live a new life as a man. He is given the name James by William and Albert and chose the surname Bond. Despite this being a sudden change, he slips into this new life seamlessly. In order to fulfill his role as a man, he is unafraid of asserting his dominance in order to be treated as such.

James has a tendency to be flirty, regardless of gender, and even took the initiate to invite Moneypenny on a date[1].


As Irene Adler

After stealing an important document from Buckingham Palace, Irene dresses as King of Bohemia, Wilhelm Gottstreich Sigismund von Ormstein and visits Sherlock Holmes. Irene hires him to find "Irene Adler" as Irene had taken an important picture and gives him the location of the temporary hideout. As Irene had studied Sherlock beforehand and is a fan of his, Irene anticipated all of his moves. When he comes to Irene's hideout, Irene welcomes him and lets him search it as John H Watson acts as criminal who hid evidence there. Irene knew he would try to start a fire started and had prepared easily flammable objects, and John accidentally started a real fire that burned Irene's house. Not having anything left, Irene moves to live with Sherlock and John as its more easy to have two servants than live in a hotel. Sherlock also wanted to take responsibility for burning Irene's house. Irene's real goal is to stay by his side as he is quite famous and the government will hesitate to kidnap or kill Irene easily while trying to retrieve the document before negotiations are ready.

The first day Irene moves to Sherlock's place, Albert James Moriarty secretly gives Irene an invite to a masquerade ball where Irene can go with a disguise. Going there, Irene disguises as a man. A game is being played and Albert reveals himself in it, so Irene joins him. Irene wants his safety and promises to return the document, but Albert informs Irene his orders are to take the document and eliminate Irene. However, if he reveals the content of the document, he will save Irene. He also reveals he knows a lot about Irene's past. After Irene agrees, Albert proves to Irene that he is the "Lord of Crimes" and kills an evil noble in the ballroom.

Returning to Sherlock's place, an explosion occurs and Sherlock reveals a man that was looking for Irene and that Irene must run away. Irene quickly goes to take the document, but Sherlock reveals this was his plan and he had figured Irene wanted to stay by him for protection. Irene admits to having the desire to change the world, but the document is too big of a scandal to handle and that it needs to be returned so Irene can go back to living a normal life. Seeing the contents of the document, Sherlock agrees to give it back and realizes Irene must have made deal with the Lord of Crimes.

Irene meets Albert in a chapel, but before Irene is able to give the document, Sherlock comes and stops this. While hiding his identity, Albert makes a deal with him guaranteeing Irene's life and asks Irene to write his name in an envelope and give it to Sherlock, so if Irene dies, he can come for him. Having obtained the document and read its information, the Moriarty brothers meet with Mycroft Holmes and explain all of their plan and how they intend to die in the end. Mycroft agrees to keep it a secret as long as they serve the society. The Moriarty then fake Irene's death and take Irene as agent number 7 "James" and a surname of Irene's choice. Thinking of this new bond, ties, and friends, Irene chooses "Bond" as surname and joins MI6 and the Moriarty as "James Bond".

As James Bond

Having taken the role of James Bond, Louis shows James around the Moriarty estate and tells him that he will be acting as servant in the estate and do various tasks. James tells everyone to call him a man and treat him as such as "Irene Adler" no longer exists. Sebastian Moran doesn't agree and doesn't want to share a changing room with a woman, but as everyone including William and Fred Porlock get on James side, he ends up backing down. Sebastian comments that its not that he doesn't accept James but doesn't feel comfortable to be around someone who pretends to be something he is not. Thinking to himself, James states Sebastian is right, but he is simply playing to role given by William and Albert. Despite this, he goes onto assert himself as a man even more.

As James is not experienced in the ways they operate, William tasks Sebastian to guide and support him. James first mission is to get an item from the bank with Sebastian, Fred, and Louis. However, little after they arrive in the bank, robbers appear. While wondering what they should do, James realizes the rest moved already. Heading into the vault, he sees that only Sebastian is there as well as a knocked out robber. He wonders when all discussed this, but Sebastian explains they never did as they are not children and know what to do. As he questions James about what they need to do, James conducts that first priority is to secure the item they are after. After that they can't escape as when the robbers see the knocked out robber, they may kill the hostages and since Moriarty was seen entering, but then disappeared, they may decide Moriarty are part of the robbery. Additionally, they can't kill the robbers as that will trigger bigger investigation and it may get Sherlock involved. Sebastian agrees and states they can do whatever they want as long as it aligns with their objective and they must stop the robbery while covering their identities. James gets excited and forms a plan, with Sebastian breaking the lights, James goes and knocks each robber and then wakes up a guard stating it was him who beat the robbers. Seeing James skills, Sebastian then accepts him into the group.


James Bond is a combination of James Bond from the James Bond franchise, and Irene Adler from the Sherlock Holmes novels.

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