Jack Renfield (ジャック・レンフィールド Jyakku Renfiirudo) is is one of William James Moriarty's affiliates.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Anime design

Jack is a tall, older man with a long gray hair which is usually tied. In flashbacks, when the Moriarty brothers first met Jack, his hair was partly black with only a few steaks of silver.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After the fire at the Moriarty household[1], William, Albert, and Louis James Moriarty were taken in by Lord Rockwell, where Jack was working as a steward[2]. He previously fought in the Afghan War, where he earned the title of "Jack the Ripper" based on his skill in melee combat. The Moriarty boys realized his past and asked him to train them in combat for self-defense.

Years later, a murderer claiming to be "Jack the Reaper" appeared. Even though Jack doesn't care about his nickname, he didn't want to be remembered that way and contacted William, who also planned to contact him. William deduced that the murders were done by more than one person and their goal is to cause a rise in militia that will start an uprising and will eventually even demand things from the government. He explains they chose Jack's name as just a name that inspires fear and it wasn't anything personal against him.

They make a plan in which Jack would act as Jack the Ripper and kill a person to prevent a fight between the police and the militia and while he runs around, they would find the real culprits. As the militia and police were about to fight each other, Jack appeared on a rooftop and fake kills a woman, commenting that while they fight each other, he will continue to kill women. The militia then realized their foolishness as they had picked weapons to fight Jack and not the police and unite with the police in an effort to capture Jack.

Sebastian Moran, James Bond and Fred Pollock help Jack run around town and avoiding capture by the police or militia. Eventually William manages to find the people pretending to be Jack and plotting against the government and he kills them in an explosion signalling Jack and the rest to stop the hide and seek game and just run away.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jack came fourteenth in the first character popularity poll and twelfth in the second poll.

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