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The Two Criminals Act 4 (The Two Criminals Act 4 犯人は二人 第四幕, The Two Criminals Act 4 Hannin wa Futari Dai Shi Maku) is the 47th chapter of the MORIARTY THE PATRIOT manga series.


Milverton manipulated William and Sherlock into coming to him to get Sherlock to catch William for him.

On the other hand, Louis is being held up by Harry downstairs. Harry informs him that Sherlock is also up there, and unfortunately Louis can’t defeat Harry so easily.

On the second floor, Milverton starts gloating about everything he has planned. If William kills Milverton, the whole country will find out who the Lord of Crime is. However, if William lets himself get captured by Sherlock, Milverton offers to hand him over to the government without revealing that he is the Lord of Crime.

As for Sherlock, if he captures William, Milverton offers to give back the evidence he is using to threaten Mary. He then implores Sherlock to catch the Lord of Crime.

Milverton cackles, amused, because everything is going as he planned.

However, Sherlock did not act as Milverton expected. Once Milverton has finished talking, Sherlock asks, “Are you done?”

And comments that if this was a comedy act, Milverton would surely not be the King but the Jester. Sherlock then informs Milverton that he has made two miscalculations.

First off, Sherlock explains that he is not the type of person Milverton thinks he is. Among all the cases he has tackled, there is only one person he finds particularly unforgivable– the one who cackles from a safe place as he manipulate others into doing bad deeds. And that person is Milverton.

The Lord of Crime being here just proves that Milverton has done things that the Lord of Crime would kill him for.

Sherlock starts laughing, delighted that Liam truly is the Lord of Crime. He hoped it would be. He would not have accepted anyone else to be the Lord of Crime.

Milverton finally panics, because Sherlock and William are only focused on him. He wasn’t aware of any connection between the two. They should be on opposite sides of the law.

Milverton wonders if this is the other miscalculation Sherlock was referring to. He then asks, all flustered, what exactly Sherlock means.

Meanwhile, Sherlock directly asks Liam if he minds his name being exposed to the public, as Sherlock does not care what happens here as long he is able to help his partner with his marriage.

William replies that getting his name out there has always been the plan.

Now Milverton really is in a bind. He tries to trick Sherlock into thinking that he has arranged for Mary’s evidence to be exposed beforehand, but Sherlock was immediately able to tell that Milverton was lying.

This is the first time Milverton has ever been in a pinch, and he desperately tries to come up with a way to escape. Behind him is a balcony which is on a cliff with the sea below it, and the weather is terrible.

There is no guarantee that he will be saved, but it is the best chance he has. He hurriedly turns back to jump down to the sea, but he was shot several times in the back as he does so.

And the one who shot him was Sherlock.

William now has his gun pointed at Sherlock. Unfazed, Sherlock just tells him that now William’s name will be plastered all over the media. He then lights up a cigarette and and throws the match to the curtain, starting a fire in the villa.

Up until now, Sherlock has been the one dancing on top of William’s palm, but he bets that William never expected him to kill Milverton.

He then claims that everything won’t go according to William’s plans. He won’t let it. This is where the real fight between them will begin.

William then chuckles and replies with the same thing he told Sherlock on the train– “Catch me if you can, Sherlock.”

And leaves the room.

Downstairs, Harry and Gosling give up on fighting Louis and Fred after seeing Milverton fall down to his death.

Meanwhile, Sherlock burns all the blackmail material. Since William did not kill him, Sherlock surmises that he still has a role to play in William’s plans.

Due to the fire Sherlock started, the whole villa is now burning. Once he was out of the villa, he tells John who arrived with the police that he took care of the evidence about Mary. Sherlock then confesses to the police that he used the gun he is holding to kill Milverton. They won’t find the body though since it fell from the cliff. He then asks them to arrest him.

Sherlock also apologizes to John, seeing as it seems he would not be able to attend their wedding.

Meanwhile, in a carriage, William was feeling down after making Sherlock into a killer. Louis comforts him, telling him it was not his fault.

William had not meant for Sherlock to kill someone this early in the game. Vigilantism should have been Sherlock’s biggest hurdle.

However, now that Sherlock has killed one person, he should be able to kill another. William is now sure that Sherlock would kill William as William hopes he would, much to Louis’ alarm.

Since things are advancing faster than expected, William says they need to start passing judgment on all the demons on their list.

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