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The Two Criminals Act 2 (The Two Criminals Act 2 犯人は二人 第二幕, The Two Criminals Act 2 Hannin wa Futari Dai Ni Maku) is the 45th chapter of the MORIARTY THE PATRIOT manga series.


Sherlock comes up with  a plan to sneak in to Milverton's estate and steal the evidence. He originally intended on doing it all alone, but John protests when he hears about it, saying they were partners so they are in this together. Moreover, this is Mary's problem so John should have a hand in this as well.

Sherlock reassures him that they will be able to steal it perfectly. After all, he has always thought that he would be able to pull off a crime more effectively every time he solved a case.

Two days later, Sherlock enters a plumbing company in disguise, pretending to be a customer who was satisfied by the company's service on his home before. He gives them tickets to a popular circus which expire that same day.  

Since they did not have any urgent tasks that day, everyone in the company decided to close up and go to the circus instead.

Once the plumbing service closed shop, John and Sherlock put up a sign on their door, saying that anyone who needs urgent assistance should head over to the H&W Plumbing instead.

Meanwhile, at the Milverton residence, Wiggins and his fellow Irregulars sabotage the plumbing there, making water burst out of the pipes all over the estate.

Agatha, one of the servants there hurriedly goes to the plumbers for help, and finds that they were closed that day. She sees the sign on the door and heads on over to H&W Plumbing.

H&W Plumbing is a fake company Sherlock and John set up. Sherlock uses John to make Agatha flustered, as John is Agatha's type of guy. Sherlock came up with the plan just in case they wouldn't be able to find the evidence. He will have John become all chummy with the maid to get information out of her.

Sherlock then heads over to Wiggins. The latter informs him that Milverton, his secretary and 2 bodyguards are all not present in the residence. Realizing that now was the best time to steal the evidence, Sherlock and John then head on over to the Milverton residence.

Once they were there, Sherlock recruits the maids to find all the bursting pipes in and outside of the house. John invites Agatha do the work with him.

Meanwhile, Sherlock sneaks into Milverton's study and finds a safe. However, inside of it was just documents for his company and no blackmail material.

Once they have fixed the leaks all over the house, they all meet up again and John asks Sherlock if their job is all done now. Sherlock replies, "Not yet."

Realizing that Sherlock did not find the evidence, John starts flirting with Agatha to make it easier to get information from her.

Sherlock asks her to sign the form needed to prove that the plumbers completed their work, but unfortunately on the head of the house can do so. She informs then that Milverton won't be back until 2 days later.

This makes Sherlock realize that Milverton has a villa. Agatha cannot reveal the address, so Sherlock gets her to mail the form to Milverton for them instead.

After they leave, they sneakily follow Agatha as she puts the envelope has has into the postbox. Sherlock retrieves the mail and finds out that Milverton's villa is in Brighton. They decide to sneak in once Milverton leaves in 2 days.

Meanwhile, in the Moriarty residence, they find out that Milverton not only had a hand in Whiteley's affairs, but also the Jack the Ripper incident. William declares that they must eliminate Milverton as soon as possible.

However, based on Fred's investigation, Milverton has ordered all the media companies he owns to publish that William is the Lord of Crime if Milverton dies. Milverton has obviously done it to prevent William from killing him.

To prevent that from being published, they would have to kill all the people he has ordered to do so around the same time he would be killed.

Do the Moriartys have the power to do that? Yes. But will they? No. It would mean killing a lot of innocent people just to prevent the circulation.

William says they will kill Milverton even if it means that William's name will be exposed to the public. This has always been part of the Moriarty plan after all.

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