Albert James Moriarty (アルバート・ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Arubāto Jēmuzu Moriāti) is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot. He is the eldest of the Moriarty brothers and the only true Moriarty.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Albert is a pale-skinned young man with a thin build and average height. He has medium-average brown hair with a side-split hair cut, leaving short bangs on either side. Additionally, he has streaks of hair descending down the back of his neck. His eyes are a distinguishable dark emerald, and he is sometimes seen wearing a black top hat.

He wears a dark grey, three-piece suit with a lime green necktie, and occasionally a golden pocket watch.

Young Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a child, he wore a navy blue, three-piece suit with beige around the lapel and sleeve folds. He donned a dark-teal bow tie around his collar and a walnut brown waistcoat under his suit jacket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Albert is a kind nobleman, who had started to hate his family and fellow noblemen for treating commoners poorly and as being lower than them. Though most noblemen in the franchise are portrayed as bad people, Albert is quite the opposite of this, and even as a child he would visit the local orphanage weekly to assist the children who lived there. He has a loyal attitude towards his peers, and is always happy to help others whenever they desire it most.

Despite his warm-hearted nature, he bears a passive-aggressive approach towards bad noblemen, and will resort to even violence if needed. As a result of this, he ended up killing his own family, who looked down on commoners and treated them rudely.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Albert Moriarty is a kind nobleman who would often visit the local orphanage to help out the children. One day on his usual trip, he found that there was a new orphan boy who would later be known as Moriarty, along with his younger brother Louis. Realising the coincidences of a sudden death count along with Moriarty's involvement, Albert sought him out and later found out about the future of Moriarty's goal in making everyone in Britain equal. Having always hated his family and fellow noblemen for treating commoners so rudely, he promised him all of his power and status, and had his father adopt him and Louis in order to succeed their goals together.

The three of them later form a plan to kill the Moriarty family and burn down the house, making it look like an accidental incident. As the only survivors, Albert states that the orphans are his actual brothers William and Louis. Since the orphan boy was often doing errands, during those times he was using William's name and the real William rarely showed in public, the people easily believed the orphan was the actual William.

Years later, Albert continues to help William achieve his goal. With plans carefully devised by William, they would punish evil rich folks, making it look like natural deaths or incidents.

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